Stalked (Part 1)

  Seeing is believing. This is the argument given by us, the sceptics, when debated over the existence of paranormal or supernatural beings. How can we believe in something which we have never seen? How can we just take someone’s words for granted? And when proof of such existence is brought to us, we say... Continue Reading →


Story Of A Shadow

I was famous once. I was a household name for a fortnight, my picture adorned every milk carton of this small town, my posters hung on wooden posts and my face accompanied a small section of the local newspaper for a week. “Have you seen me?” an innocuous and innocent question which kindled pity in... Continue Reading →

The Hunt (Part 1)

  The heat of the peak summer’s afternoon wasn’t enough to deter her as she walked down the nearly deserted road, the scorching bituminous surface heating her old feet through the worn-out rubber slippers. She covered her head and long silvery white hair with a thin shawl and wrapped it around her wrinkled face to... Continue Reading →

ECHO- Act 3 (Part 3)

  We were walking again. The clouds still grumbled and the smell of the rain drifted in the breeze. My heart pounded in my chest as we inched closer to the Darkness. Father didn’t say anything after that, he just handed us some berries and water and asked us to walk faster this time. “What... Continue Reading →

ECHO- Act 3 (Part 2)

  We were walking again. The beautiful opal morning sky was just a memory now, dark grey clouds were the reality, growling and grumbling as they rolled over the blue sky, taking away the last bit of sunshine left. In a way, these conquering clouds represented the turmoil of my heart. I woke up today... Continue Reading →

ECHO- Act 3 (Part 1)

  My eyes opened to the opal morning sky. A gentle breeze fluttered through the thin piece of cloth I wrapped myself in. There was a dead silence, no bird chirped, no animal spoke. I lied there on the grass, my legs still hurt from all the trekking we did the previous day. We had... Continue Reading →

ECHO- Act 2 (Finale)

  I was sitting in the darkness of the cage. The sun had risen long back and with it, my fate was sealed. Early morning I was taken to the King’s court and presented as a vicious and vile murderer who not only slew one of the most lovable and admired figure in the city... Continue Reading →

ECHO- Act 2 (Part 6)

  It was late in the evening, the sun had plunged into the depths of nothingness, and darkness was ascending onto the land. My mind was a ruckus of blending thoughts, my heart was within me no more. My thoughts were so much fragmented and all over the place that it was impossible for me... Continue Reading →

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